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Social Media Marketing

A Service By Rocket Sales Agency Rourkela - Odisha - India - United States

Welcome to the page of Social Media Marketing, in this service we provide an amazing results to our clients, We will help Grow Brand Awareness, Engagement & Traffic along with Sales. There are many ways of driving marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others plays an important role of engaging on your services.

The omnipresent use of Facebook is now extends to more than a quarter of the earth popular which is more than 3 Billion Active Users. These social media platforms are nowadays became a daily life part and these users are your CUSTOMERS!

About Social Media Marketing Service

Rocket Sales Social Media Marketing campaigns runs with only purpose of driving customer to grow your audience, your brand promotion, your reach to customers which converts to your sales. Our Social Media Management covers all aspects of developing your Social Presence by showcasing your company’s charisma.

Advertising To Your Exact Audience

We Target Customers, Not The Keyword.

We have many aspects like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of those Paid advertisement like Social Media Marketing, Social Media Paid Advertisement campaigns offers many advantages as compared to google search PPC. (Differs on Services By Client)

Social Media Advertising offers you to target specific audience such as Skills, Associations, Locations, Hobbies, Jobs, Age, Gender and much more.

There is an example like if you see people working in Animal Sanctuary and if you offer them watches with background of those watches are images of those animals then would you guess that they will buy those watches? Definitely a BIG yes.

Like wise in Social Media Advertising you can target specific audience who are interested in animals and can buy your product, if either they are not buying we will re-target those same audience again and again until they buy from you.

Attack And Engage Your Audience

What makes you think your customer will engage? Targeting to the right audience is censorious but many neglect this as an most effective part of social media marketing, if you really don’t know about your customers then how can you target them? Here Rocket Sales Agency social Media campaigns starts by identifying the audiences in best practice.

Increase Your Audience

Farming an online audience is way more challenging these days, as so many complicated algorithms and strictness from social networks compile into an hard and challenging situation for a business owner to get an effective outcomes. So here we are from Rourkela Digital Marketing Rocket Sales Agency can help you grow from such Social Networking audience.

Targeting To Exact Audience

These days the compitition is very high in terms of Cost-Per-Click CPC. Targeting your exact audience is way more easy for Digital Marketing Agencies such as Rocket Sales Agency who already have database of customers and people to whome your business will be shared with.

Grow Your Audience

Growing an audience is just like adding extra adds on your pizza, just like this we grow the audience by our own method which helps our strategy to get the customer details and information quicker and also it helps to re-target the same audience for the same thing again and again.

Engaging With Regular Posting

  • Professional Social Media Posting
  • Organic Reach And Growth
  • Customers Engagement
  • People Talking About Your Business

Boosting Existing Posts

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Promote High-Quality Content
  • More Users Engagement
  • Increasing Visibility

Creative Content

  • Attractive Featured Image
  • Creative Title
  • Brand Attractive Logo
  • Targeting Correct Audience

Get Together Analytics Data

  • Measure Engagement
  • Track Success
  • Analyze Result
  • Campaign Performance

Social Media Marketing

Depend On Requirements
Rs. 59,999/month
  • 15 Social Posts Per Month
  • 6 Custom Images Per Month
  • 2 Ad Campaigns
  • 10 Ad Groups
  • 5 Ad Copies
  • 2 Blog Posts Per Month
  • Added More On Custom Order
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