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Search Engine Optimization

Service by Rocket Sales Agency Head Office: Rourkela - Odisha - India A Digital Marketing Company

The most popular service till now on Rocket Sales Agency is Search Engine Optimization | If you are worries about on how to rank your website then leave that part on us. We will make sure your website gets ranked quickly and you can start seeing your website is getting traffic from Google Organic. 

We do lots of research, settings, works and hard work just to make your website ranked top and average position in Google Search, things we also do like backlinks, onpage, offpage, indexing content and keywords, LTK, LSI and more.

Keyword Search

We will help your website to be ranked within the provided keywords and our suggestion for your business growth. 

Competitive Analysis

We will monitor and analysis your website and its whole data as keywords and content and will measure the competition over internet based on your niche (your business service).

Link Building

We will do link building as the most essential part of ranking your keywords, we will help your website ranking based on link building strategy.


On this SEO service we help clients optimizing their web blogs so that it starts ranking each keywords, We help on both Onpage and Offpage optimization service in this SEO platform.

About This Service

SEO Doesn’t just end with creating content or a website, it needs lots of efforts and ideas to make keywords ranked for your website, as an experienced more than 6 Years we know everything because we have a BIG talented team who can help RANKING your Business with keyword research.

In this service you will see Keyword ranking, your pages got ranking on selected keywords, there are onpage optimization and offpage optimization available too, we will help your whole website to get authority backlinks from high authority websites.

Optimized Websites
Years Of Services

What Drives Your Websites Gets Ranked

Ranking a keyword is different and optimizing the whole website for the keywords and get ranked on Google first page is different, What makes your website ranked on first page of Google? Well it consist of many terms and elements to make the whole process worked. Why don’t you contact us for this?

Page Optimization

  • Content Optimization
  • Proper Internal Linking
  • HTML Code Clearnup
  • Content Farming
  • Keywords Implementation

Internal Site Audit

  • Internal Link Structure
  • HTML Code Clearnup
  • Proper SEO Implement
  • Fixing Bad URLs

Content Marketing

  • Proper English Writing
  • Proper Keywords Strategy
  • Navigation Optimization
  • Extra Content Adds On

Technical SEO

  • Offpage SEO
  • Backlinks Strategy
  • Web2.0 Strategy
  • Guest Posting

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