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Pay Per Click

Service by Rocket Sales Agency
Will Make You Google Partner

PPC termed as Pay Per Click, if you have a website for business or you got a phone number for your business and you want people to contact you to buy directly from you by eliminating other websites on Google then you are on the right path.

These days online business is more challenging in terms of competition over targeting right audience for your business, This PPC will help you to target the right audience/customers at any stage within buying cycle.

Google Ads - Text Ads

Presume we are promoting your product over google and the customer is searching the exact product keywords over Google and they found your product over the search results, then that customers are your direct buying customers with your buying keywords and we will help you generating sales faster than ever.

  • Snippet Text Ads For Business Information
  • Users Will See Your Website First
  • Users Can Call On Mobile

Google Ads - Display Ads

Based on testing several ad copies and format you will be able to target the RIGHT audience in many ways, In our PPC Management Services, you will get premium advertising formats which delivers traffic to your site instantly.

  • Snippet Text Ads For Business Information
  • Get Any Shape Display Ads
  • Best For Brand Awareness Eye Insight

Google Ads - Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads is one of the most trending ads format eCommerce business owners, It helps big companies like Amazon, Ali-express And more eCommerce websites to gain potential growth in sales and awareness among buyers.

Shopping Ads will show your exact product of shop to the Google Search Results in a Left Right Swipe Feature, just like Image Slider. It will show your products too if you are not competing much advertisers.

Thus, Even if you are competing the product then also we can help you get the first spot of that Shopping Slider.

  • Add Product Image, Name And Price
  • Get Spot At First Shopping Slider
  • High Click-Through Rate

Why Pay-Per-Click?

of all internet users search with Google.
of people click on Google ads when shopping online. (Wordstream)
of PPC visitors are more likely to purchase than organic visitors. (Unbounce)

Powerful Partnership

Rocket Sales Agency For Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing Company deemed to have wonderful relationship With Google Ads from past few Years, We Successfully worked on many fields and with many clients to lead them a success and an asset we could provide to our clients using Google Ads, We provide customers informations as well as we do share things with out clients which helps them to understand what a customer needs.

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About This Service

Pay-Per-Click Delivers targeted ads to the potential customers at the exact time they search. Each campaign has its own way of testing, it practices deep research on campaign level ads and keywords and search terms and eliminating negative keywords and all other different aspects related to it.

In This PPC you can also get direct customers phone call over their phone, they will call you directly for the product you are selling, and the call or the customers are also be able to targetable. If you want to Target only USA for your product then we can help you to reach your product to that country.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising method allows you to spot the top position on google search based on your relevant keywords, also based on the keywords your customers will be able to see your ads on Google Ads Business Partners Websites.

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