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On many occasions, we usually talk a lot about creating mobile applications for our business and business models to make it profitable. However, you may not be at that point yet because you have not yet made a website for your company. No doubt it is more urgent to create web pages for companies that get directly engaged with mobile development.

We can think of many reasons and particular situations in which to create websites for business. But here we summarize the main advantages. The reasons why to bet first on the web.

Online Reputation

The first reason to create a website for companies is to generate online reputation. They say for some years that if they are not on the Internet you do not exist. This is especially true since we have smartphones in our pocket and we can consult practically everything in a few moments. Creating a website for a business is based on credibility and a good brand image for clients.

Presentation of services

It is also a good option to present in detail your services and products. A good showcase for your business is essentially essential, whether it is digital or based on physical location.

Capture new customers and generate sales

Undoubtedly, it is a good option to attract new customers through the Internet, make yourself known and even promote sales.

Regarding what we said, the web is still a priority in front of the app for many businesses. Although the data tells us that users browse more from mobile devices and are informed from their smartphones the conversion into ‘desktop’. The study ‘Digital Marketing Trends for 2017’ tells us that the conversion rates are higher from a computer than from a mobile phone.

However, now apart from all these things nowadays, both web design and maintenance are fundamental for online businesses. Business relationships have changed to such an extent that a web page is necessary to build trust between users or customers as we hinted recently.

The design of your website will be the first thing that customers will see, that is, your cover letter and design and maintenance tasks could be compared to marketing or merchandising at the point of sale as they will facilitate and attract purchases from users in your e-commerce, so, do you think your online store has these services?

If you are thinking about hiring a web design agency then you are in the right place. Yes, our company doesn’t have any boundaries or any country restrictions, as our service is available in India, USA and to the rest of the world. However, apart from all these things our company is actually physically based in Rourkela, a city of Odisha state (India).

What is the work of a web design agency?

A web design agency creates and develops web pages based on principles of usability, interactivity, with an appropriate structure or architecture, organized information, balance between the video and image elements that make it up, etc.

The objective of a web design agency is to offer its clients solutions that adapt to the aesthetic requirements of their clients and their business needs, always attending to the functionality and optimization for their future positioning. If you have come this far, then I bet you are interested and we can also assure that you will never regret it. So, keep reading!

How we develop your website in Rocket Sales Agency?

In order to develop your website, we carry out the following steps depending on the complexity and teh requirements of the project.

Step #1 Analysis of the starting point

The first step is to know the project with which we are going to work on, the company or startup, what objectives and needs the web must meet. In summary, we need to list out the requirements that the client expects the new website to have on it.

Step #2 Specification

Depending on the complexity of the platform, it is important to write a specifications document that gathers everything that the client expects from the new website. Our team members will collect all the mandatory information from the client & will notify soon before taking further steps.

Step #3 Website Design

If the project requires a previous design, the requirements, sketches and corporate colors, as well as the logo, are raised. It is important to define the design in any online project so that the entire website has the identity and the web is easily identifiable with the company to which it belongs.

Step #4 Web Development

It is time to develop the web with the agreed functionalities. It is a process that depends on the complexity of the platform can take from a few weeks to several months where parts are validated based on springs.

It is important to mark a planning of development times and keep track of how milestones are being met.

Step #5 Validation and Commissioning of the Web

Once the website is live and meets the requirements of the client it’s time to pass the validation, perform field tests to verify that everything works as it should.

Each platform is different and this is a process that depends a lot on the availability of the client to be able to validate that everything works correctly. In simple WordPress platforms, it is a very fast process but in complex platforms programmed from scratch, it is a slightly longer process.

Step #6 Commissioning and final adjustments

Once the web is uploaded to production, to the domain of the client, it is possible that small adjustments have to be made. It is a process that can be done with the online platform because they can change and it doesn’t affect functionalities, generally.

Still, have doubts? Don’t worry we are here to help you!

In summary, if you need to design and develop a website for your company, in Rocket Sales Agency we have the designers and developers to get it in the shortest possible time. However, if you still need more information or you want to request a quote so that we can help you with the design and development of your website, do not hesitate to contact us.

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