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Earn By Affiliate Program By Rocket Sales Agency A Quality Online Service

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Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program

Hi there, Welcome To Rocket Sales Agency AGAIN!


Here you will earn from your work for Rocket Sales Agency. You provide us clients and we will pay you for that.

You already know that no company will pay you money if you do nothing? Am I right? Yes ofcourse.

Do you think that in a company you will join and they will pay you money for just sitting at front desk and doing nothing?

Well its quite impossible, you have to keep pushing your hard work and then months end you will grab like 10,000 to 15,000 (150$-200$) Salary which is quite less than what you work.

So today we will provide you an opportunity of EARNING more just by going straight explanation to you.

First lets know what you are dealing with today. This is Rocket Sales Agency, an Agency where our people (programmers) helps our clients to develop a WEBSITE, SEO Service, PPC and a lot more.

Rocket Sales Agency develops Websites and provide SEO Service and a full package of Digital Marketing.

So now you know what are the things we are delivering to our clients.

NOW, let’s speak on how you can EARN from this website company.

Earn Money Via Rocket Sales Agency Affiliate Program
Earn Money Via Rocket Sales Agency Affiliate Program

You will meet the Clients by speaking with them by visiting their SHOP or their BUSINESS OFFICES and informing or awaring them regarding the Services we are offering and its BENEFITS (YOU CAN CONTACT US Via Phone Number).

Once they are convinced by your explanation and they start their business with us then you will get paid the total amount of 10% directly, Which means if the Client took website designing service which costing 200$ then you will get paid its 10% which is 20$ (1,480 INR Approx).

Paying Rupee


Likely if you arranged more than 10 Clients per Month then you will get paid 15,000 INR, Also remember, if the client choose larger plan of service like 300$ -500$ plan then you will get paid higher.

YOU can call us anytime.

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