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This is pure form of world where people comes together to build something unique, Rocket Sales Agency is that kind of form which provides Digital Marketing Service in Rourkela also to the rest of the world. Any business is not small unless you know how to deal with the business you are doing. Thus, we are here to help you grow in your ONLINE Vision on Business.

Cheif Executive Officer

We are a team of experts

As Rourkela’s best Experienced Digital Marketing Service Provider who have been worked with Multinational Companies in China for Clients in Manufacturing projects such as Car Driving Simulators and other many projects we did together. This is 6 Years old Personal Experienced SEO, Digital marketing related other services such as PPC as Google Ads Optimization Experienced, Facebook and Instagram Advertisement, World class Website Design.

This is a great opportunity for business person to start working online, start gaining online customers, start making their business awareness and MUCH MORE…

As a team we agreed to deliver full quality service to our all clients which we are already doing.

Website Development

We will developer website for your business as per your requirement. e-Commerce, Single page, Portfolio Or a Blog.

Sales Generator Machine

We will be responsible for your online sales, we will make sales along with General public awareness about your business.

Website Traffic Plan

We will send traffic to your website, only quality traffic which will generate sales or services to your business, The traffic can be from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Native Ads And Bing Ads. You will get traffic as per your given location.

Brand Promotion Awareness

Brand promotion awareness is one of those service which helps your new business to create an awareness among the online users, once they know your business exist online as well as offline then they may visit your offline store and can claim they they have found this shop from online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of its best kind of service which may pays off even after you stopped working on your website for 1-2 Months, We will Create your website (if you don’t have) after that we will create content on the website for FREE, and then we will do On-page and Off-page optimization on your website. From this You will get Google Organic traffic from Your preferred location your business is in.

Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing, we can promote your product or your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Even on YouTube. This can be variant service, You want Brand Promotion? You Want just Traffic? You Want Sales? You want calls from Customer? You want customer to visit your Store or Business Physically.

Pay Per Call Plan

In Pay Per Call, You will get calls from your customer regarding your product, in this plan you will get entire new level of opportunity across your location or even an entire country you want.
This is the most demanded Plan till now.
In this plan interested customers will call your service for make inquiry on product, rest work will depend on your customer care executive on how he or she can convince a customer to make sales.

E-Commerce Setup

E-commerce now a days is the vast source of extra amount of sales of your business/service, Once we will create your e-commerce website (if you don’t have), then we will make additional service on it based on your requirement like if you want sales from Organic or in Advertisement form.